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Product Overview: Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a program that is web-based and has the most manageability out of most of the weight loss programs on the market today. This flexibility allows users to plan their own meal plans using the tools that this website has to offer. Many people have commented on this program as being their favorite due to the fact that other diet programs have their users stick to one main diet which could create boredom in a diet and cause the program to be thrown to the wayside. This program lets you switch it up every now and then in order to keep a person enticed in their goal to lose weight. You are even allowed a little cheating in this program which helps you to fulfill those cravings.

The Fat Loss 4 Idiots plan states on their website that you could lose up to 9lbs every 11 days that you are on the program. This is meant to be aimed at people who are very overweight because they have a lot of access fat that can be lost. You need to lower this number if you are a person who just may be 10 to 30 pounds overweight. There are sensible amounts of weight loss that a person can lose per week depending on the weight that they are at when they begin the program.

This program has been tried and tested by many individuals who have had wonderful results. It has been around for quite awhile and has helped thousands of people lose the weight that they needed to lose along with helping to create a more healthy lifestyle in order to keep the weight number that they achieved. You can find an overwhelming amount of testimonials by these people who have reached their goal weight by using the Fat Loss 4 Idiots program. This is one of the top rated diets known today. It is unprecedented in its consolidating weight loss with fun and flexibility.

This is the perfect diet for people to try, who have spent their time going from one diet to the next. This jump from one diet plan to the next shows the lack of strength in the diet because of repetitive menus and exercises. This program has taken the revolving door off of the spinner and created a plan that the consumer can stick to without getting bored. You can win the fight over boring diets and use this program to create the program that will work with your lifestyle.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots Consumer Feedback

“I’m four days into the program and I’m seeing results already. I’ve lost 7 lbs and I still have much energy. I can’t wait to shed more pounds and reach my goal weight."

Portion of actual user review from www.eliminatetheweight.com

“I’ve lost 5 lbs in 7 days. I am really satisfied with the program and would recommend to all my friends.”

Portion of actual user review from www.losing-fat.com

“Nice lens and info. Well, I was just having a shot at fat loss 4 idiots diet 3 weeks ago. I'm truly satisfied with the results now actually.”

Portion of actual user review from www.projectjcvd.blogspot.com

Company Info: Fat Loss 4 Idiots is a product of Internet Made Simple. Copyright 2009 Internet Made Simple -- All rights reserved.

Company Website: www.fatloss4idiots.com

Product Specifications: Fat Loss 4 Idiots follows a strategic cycle of user-selected meal plans. It's flexible, easy to follow, and many have referred to it as one of the most "fun" diets they've attempted.

Price: $39.00

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